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Chiefs' Andy Reid will have more rehab this offseason than most players

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid won the AFC coach of the year at the 101 Awards on Saturday night. Now he has plenty of recovery time coming up this offseason. Reid, who had knee surgery last year, had another operation on his knee earlier this offseason and has another one yet to come.

"I had a little infection in my prosthetic knee and they went in and removed it and I get a new one in about five weeks so I'm fired up about that," Reid said. "We'll be back running in about a year."

Yes, folks laughed at that last line. Watch his 101 Awards speech here.

Reid, who missed the NFL Combine and will miss the annual league meetings in March, told reporters his knee started bothering him in training camp so he knew he would need something done after the season. He said he has another 5-6 weeks with a plate in his knee and then they'll go in and put another new knee in there, which means another operation is coming. Going by the timeline he mentioned, the next surgery would be sometime in late April, which is around the time the Chiefs offseason program kicks back up.

Last year Reid was using a cane when we saw him. This time it was a walker:

And this photoshop is too good not to share. Andy Reid's head on Jamaal Charles' body.

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