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Marcus Peters thanks Clark Hunt, Chiefs for taking a 'risk' on him

The Kansas City Chiefs named their rookie of the year on Saturday night and it's the least surprising pick in recent memory: CB Marcus Peters. When you win the NFL's overall rookie of the year, it's a good bet you're going to win the rookie of the year award for your team, which the Chiefs call the Mack Lee Hill Award.

Peters, who led the league in interceptions, gave a brief speech, which you can see in the KC Star video player. I found it interesting that Peters thanked the Chiefs for taking a risk on him in the draft, which acknowledges he was a risky pick because he was kicked out of Washington.

Photo via the Chiefs

A few other highlights:

Taking a risk: "I would like to thank the Hunt family for taking the risk on me ... The first day when I got the call and I reported back it felt like home. That's real big to me with everything on how i conduct myself to make sure I'm comfortable in situations."

Veteran teammates: "With me coming into as wonderful a group as I did with Alex and Eric and Derrick Johnson, Tamba, Justin Houston, Jamaal Charles, it makes a rookie season that much smoother because all you have to do is go out there and be yourself and play the game of football."

The city: "The atmosphere of Kansas City, the whole city vibe i love it. I wouldn't rather be anywhere else."

Next year: "It's huge stamp on my rookie season. It's going to be a whole lot of high expectations going into next year but I'm going to treat it the same way as I came in this year just trusting my teammates and coaches and myself."

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