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Chiefs free agency: Does James Jones make sense?

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It looks like WR James Jones it going to hit free agency. The 31-year old receiver had some strong years in Green Bay, left for a season in Oakland and struggled before being cut by two teams last year. He re-joined Aaron Rodgers and the Packers after he was cut twice and put up good numbers (890 yards on 50 catches).

Jones is one of the better receivers available in one of the weaker free agent receiver classes in a while. If the Chiefs are looking to add any receivers, Jones makes some sense on the surface because of GM John Dorsey's familiarity with him in Green Bay.

When talking about adding receivers I keep coming back to Chris Conley and Albert Wilson. They're both young and the Chiefs like them both. If they're going to add a receiver, they need to add someone that is so clearly head and shoulders above Conley and Wilson that the Chiefs can't afford to pass on him. Someone who is going to really make the offense more explosive. Is Jones that person? Maybe he can help but the Chiefs have enough time invested in and hope for Conley and Wilson. The long-term health of the team would be better served by finding out what you have in Conley and Wilson than adding Jones.

If there's another Jason Avant type out there who is willing to be the fourth or fifth receiver then sign me up but I'm not sure that's who Jones is at this point. I get the impression he believes he can contribute a lot of playing time to a winner. He's coming off a strong season and wants a chance to earn a good contract. I don't think that fits the Chiefs right now.

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