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Martellus Bennett trade rumors coming ... imagine him with Chiefs TE Travis Kelce

The Chicago Bears are reportedly beginning to work on trading TE Martellus Bennett, according to this report from ESPN's Adam Schefter.

I don't bring this up because the Chiefs have any shot at trading for Bennett. They're not going to do that - well probably not - and it probably wouldn't be a very smart move because the Chiefs have time and resources invested in their other tight ends - Demetrius Harris, James O'Shaughnessy and Brian Parker.

However, just imagine teaming Bennett up with Chiefs TE Travis Kelce. That takes care of the Chiefs need for another playmaker. Bennett can actually block so it very well could help the Chiefs running game as well as their versatility. Bennett is 6'7 and 248 pound and has had productive seasons recently.

Just imagine the possibilities.

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