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I asked John Dorsey who the Chiefs were going to draft in the first round

And he answered ... kinda.

You can't say I didn't try. I did try to find out who the Kansas City Chiefs are taking in the first round. Except that John Dorsey wasn't telling me who it was.

The KC media spoke to Dorsey on a conference call on Tuesday and we were nearing the end of it when the Chiefs PR chief hops on the phone to ask if that's all the questions we have. This is when you have to rack your brain to figure out quickly what has been missed (I should've asked about Tamba Hali's cap hit). Usually my brain-racking goes nowhere and I don't get a question off at the last second. Except this time I did.

Here's my exchange with the Chiefs GM:

Arrowhead Pride: Who do you plan on taking with your first-round pick?

Dorsey: "Do you want me to answer that?"

Arrowhead Pride: It would be great if you did.

Dorsey: "Best available player."

The media folks laughed and Dorsey did too. I had to at least ask, right?

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