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No De'Anthony Thomas trade talks with 49ers, Chiefs

Remember all that talk about trading De'Anthony Thomas? We can apparently rule the San Francisco 49ers out.

Let's go back a few weeks. I saw on March 7 that this random De'Anthony Thomas trade rumor had popped up with the Chiefs and 49ers supposedly talking about a deal. DAT + Chip Kelly = Oregon. Makes sense to me. The only problem? It wasn't true.

Dorsey flat out denied he had talked to the 49ers when I asked him on Tuesday.

"I would tell you if I've had conversations with the 49ers, I haven't," Dorsey said. "I  I think that's just a natural evolution of how that social media stuff works, only because Chip Kelly is now in San Francisco and was with Oregon. I have not talked to the 49ers whatsoever about De'Anthony Thomas."

If we really want to parse what Dorsey said, there was a denial that they had talked to the 49ers about a DAT trade ... maybe another team? Not that I don't trust Dorsey but they call draft season Liars Season for a reason.

Dorsey said DAT has been in the building recently - Chiefs spring workouts start in April - and that as of today he's a Chief. However, this doesn't necessarily mean the story is over because DAT's season still ended in bizarre fashion last year and we still don't know why.

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