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Chiefs didn't know Husain Abdullah's retirement was coming

It sounds like Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey didn't have much of a heads up on Husain Abdullah's decision to retire, which he announced on Monday. I figured Dorsey knew something was up and had planned this offseason for that but that's not the case.

I asked Dorsey on a conference call on Tuesday if the Chiefs knew at the end of the season this was coming.

"No, I really didn't know this," Dorsey said. "I did get a text from him yesterday, a very nice text, and that's kind of, as far as communication, I told him I'd like to talk with him today just to talk as friends. We're going to talk today once I get finished with these meetings here this evening."

I followed up by asking if that call was to talk him out of it and Dorsey said no.

"You guys, I really like this guy, and I think he is a quality person," Dorsey said. "I think I've told you all along, he has one of the gentle souls that I've been around. I just like the guy and I just want to talk to him man to man."

It's a smart decision for Abdullah to listen to his body but it does put the Chiefs in a bit of a bind if they had Abdullah in their plans next season. He is a free agent so presumably the Chiefs had some kind of contingency plan if he didn't come back. He wasn't a starter but he was about as important of a depth player as the Chiefs had.

It's Game Time.

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