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NFL mock draft: Robert Nkemdiche falling to Chiefs would be fascinating

The Kansas City Chiefs are picking 28th in the 2016 NFL Draft so it's really difficult to predict who they'll take. The Chiefs are going to spend plenty of time on players that are likely to be around the 28th pick but they're also going to study all the draft eligible players in case someone at the top falls (because someone always falls).

Daniel Jeremiah's  2016 NFL mock draft for has Ole Miss DT Nkemdiche, projected anywhere from a top five pick to a day two pick, falling to the Chiefs with the 28th pick.

"The Chiefs took a chance with their first-round pick last year (Marcus Peters) and it paid off," Jeremiah writes. "Nkemdiche has top-five pick talent, but off-field issues will likely cause him to drop."

This year's best pick for a falling draft stock is Nkemdiche. Boom or bust seems like a pretty good way to describe him. He has some off the field issues with that bizarre incident with him falling out of a window (and his explanation for it). Some have questioned his effort and his production at Ole Miss. Jeremiah mentions Peters but I don't think the two have the same type of character concerns. Peters had on-the-field maturity but just needed some growing up to do in how he handled coaching. I'm not sure that describes Nkemdiche's reported issues.

All that said, he looks like a star. The NFL is about projecting what you'll do next and Nkemdiche has the physical profile of a player who can dominate. Will he? That's a big question. The Chiefs are a good team who can afford to take a risk but those should be smart risks. I'm not convinced that Nkemdiche is a smart risk.

The next two picks in this mock draft were CBs Mackenzie Alexander and Eli Apple (both of whom I like).

It's Game Time.

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