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Your 'Should the Chiefs sign Roddy White' poll is here

The Atlanta Falcons released veteran WR Roddy White on Wednesday. The move wasn't all that surprising given White's age (34) and his lowest production output since his rookie year 11 seasons ago.

There are reasons not to consider White and it starts with his declining production over the past three seasons. The Falcons brought in Julio Jones who, if you haven't heard, is very good, so there's a reason for that decline in production but White clearly isn't the same player physically anymore.

"You have to figure the Falcons looked at Roddy's 2015 tape, even with Kyle Shanahan's clear refusal to use him at times, and saw a wide receiver who was no longer worth his cap charge," Dave Choate of The Falcoholic wrote of White's release.

So, maybe he's not worth the big payday. But this is a Chiefs team that had Jason Avant as their top receiver in the playoffs. There is a spot for the veteran receiver on the Chiefs but only someone like Avant who can take their humble pie and understand their role as the fourth or even fifth option. White wants to play another year or two and wants to play in the South. What the Chiefs do have going for them here is that they're a good team so they can qualify for the contender status that some of these veterans might be looking for.

Ultimately, however, I don't see this being a fit. I'm not sure a 34-year old receiver wants to learn a brand new Andy Reid offense at this point. And I'm not sure he could do that in time to be productive.

Here's what Chiefs fans are saying about him...

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