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Complete 2016 NFL Draft order is out, Kansas City Chiefs have 7 draft picks

The NFL has officially posted the seven round 2016 NFL draft order. The Chiefs have eight picks in the 2016 Draft. No, wait! The Chiefs only have seven because Roger Goodell curiously decided to punish only the Chiefs for a tampering rule that teams blatantly violate every year. The Chiefs will appeal the punishment, which is the largest in the history of tampering punishments. (Nahhh, Chiefs fans aren't bitter...)

The Chiefs have one pick in each round with their third round pick forfeited. They gained a second fifth round pick with the Kelcie McCray trade to Seattle last year. (McCray, by the way, has turned into a good player) The Chiefs do not have any compensatory picks this year but probably will next year. So they will still have seven total picks.

The Chiefs missing third round pick will hurt. From Travis Kelce to Phillip Gaines to Chris Conleythe Chiefs have done well in the third round of the draft. Damn, Goodell.

Here are all the Chiefs picks

(Round | Overall pick number)



3.91 (forfeited)


5.162 (Seattle)




Find the full NFL draft order here.

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