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Ole Miss DT Robert Nkemdiche has NFL Draft visits set up with 14 teams

Ole Miss DT Robert Nkemdiche will be busy in the lead up to the 2016 NFL Draft. Nkemdiche has plans to visit with as many as 14 teams before the April 28 draft, according to Tony Pauline.

No word yet if the Chiefs are one of those teams. It was reported that Chiefs GM John Dorsey was at the Ole Miss pro day so it's possible he checked him out there (if the Chiefs are interested ... which we have no idea).

It's not clear if a team like the Raiders is looking at him for the first or second round because Nkemdiche's stock has been all over the place. Nkemdiche has questions about him and those questions weren't helped by the report that he fell out of a window under odd circumstances before the Ole Miss bowl game.

However, there's a reason we talk about him as a high first round pick despite those off the field concerns. It's because he's really freakin' good. While he is a boom or bust prospect, it's hard to ignore the boom part of it and imagine what the Chiefs defensive line could look like if he pans out.

An NFC executive put it like this to "He will not be on our board as a first-round option. If he slides, we'll see." The Chiefs are picking near the end of the first round so they could be right there if he falls.

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