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NFL Draft rumors: Steelers could spoil Chiefs cornerback plans

We think the Kansas City Chiefs should strongly consider a cornerback in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft next month. It worked out well last year with Marcus Peters, it's one of their top needs and there are supposed to be some good cornerbacks available with the Chiefs 28th pick.

One of those good players is Houston CB William Jackson III. The Chiefs have scouted him and, given what we know about GM John Dorsey, it seems reasonable that the Chiefs like him. The Chiefs pick 28th while the Steelers, another team linked to cornerbacks, are picking 25th.

If you like William Jackson III on the Chiefs, you might be concerned about the Steelers.

The Steelers, who heavily attended Houston's pro day, pick three spots ahead of the Chiefs. The cost to move up those three spots is about a fourth round pick, according to the trade value chart (which, yes, is outdated).

We should also point out that this is the NFL Draft where people are professional liars. It's possible that this is all BS coming out about the Steelers and they're just trying to prod the Chiefs to trading up with them. It's also possible that the Steelers really do like these corners and will pluck one right before the Chiefs. We'll only find out when the real thing happens on April 28.

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