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History says never count out Kansas City Chiefs drafting a quarterback

It seems crazy on the surface that the Kansas City Chiefs would draft a quarterback. Alex Smith is in the middle of a $17 million per year deal, Aaron Murray is two years into the system and Tyler Bray was just re-upped six months ago. So where's the need for the quarterback?

The Chiefs drafted Murray in 2014 despite being in the middle of an expensive backup QB contract with Chase Daniel and when they already had Tyler Bray under contract so remember that Andy Reid is always looking for quarterbacks. Then there's this:

He's not wrong. (Well, actually he kinda is. McNabb was really 30 and a half years old. Younger). Kolb was the 36th overall pick that year so he was a high second round pick too. Interesting. This comes on the heels of Memphis QB Paxton Lynch visiting the Chiefs.

Now, does this mean the Chiefs will draft a quarterback? Of course not. Alex and McNabb aren't the same players and I'd argue Alex looks even younger. Even though Alex will be 32 before next season starts, I can easily see him playing out his entire contract, which runs through the 2018 season. I can also easily see the Chiefs preparing for the future by drafting a quarterback. It's not so much about which round it is as the value. If the Chiefs feel Lynch is a value at No. 28, I wouldn't bet against them taking him as GM John Dorsey did a few years ago with a quarterback named Aaron Rodgers.

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