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Justin Houston responds to those who say he'll miss 2016 season with a James Harden meme

Justin Houston with a GOAT tweet right here. There's been chatter that the Kansas City Chiefs LB could miss the ENTIRE 2016 season because of the offseason ACL surgery. Adam Schefter in particular said it's clear that Houston's season is in jeopardy. We haven't heard anything from Houston since this news came out on Tuesday outside of him thanking folks for their thoughts and prayers.

Now we have a response, and it includes a James Harden meme.

YESSSSS! Love this response. Love it so much.

Houston is a freak of nature and seemingly works as hard as anyone. How else does someone go from a defensive end third round pick to the NFL's highest paid outside linebacker? See him in the locker room and you can tell he is a workout monster. It's too early to predict anything but would I be surprised if this freak of nature came back earlier than expected? No, I would not.

Ahhh ... Chiefs fans needed this optimism from Houston this morning.

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