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If Rams play in China in 2018, Chiefs are on their schedule

We didn't like the idea of the Kansas City Chiefs giving up a home game to play in London last season but it ended up OK because the Chiefs beat the snot out of the Lions in that London game. (Clark's reward for giving up a home game? Tampering!) The Chiefs aren't expected to give up another home game any time soon but they could be a candidate to play internationally in the next few years. That's because of this report from Sam Farmer of the LA Times...

Guess who is on the Rams 2018 schedule? Yup.

Here are all the teams visiting the Rams in 2018, according to the NFL's scheduling formula:

Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, NFC East team

The Packers and 49ers have larger brands than the Chiefs so I wouldn't be surprised to see them pick one of those teams. That would probably be the right move if you were trying to grow awareness in China.

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