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Broncos player who punched Jeremy Maclin last year doesn't like the new ejection rule

The Broncos player who was ejected for punching Jeremy Maclin doesn't like the new rule that says you'll be ejected if you get two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

Broncos safety TJ Ward literally punched Jeremy Maclin in a game last year - yes, Maclin was wearing a helmet and no, I have no idea why Ward thought that would be effective. Ward was ejected from the game because of it.

Considering ejections are a point of emphasis this coming year because they haven't been previously, it was a pretty impressive cheap shot that he was able to get ejected from it.

So consider me completely stunned that Ward doesn't like the new rule that says too many cheap shots will result in an ejection.

"I think [the ejection rule is] B.S.," Ward said on "Because a lot of those penalties are derived from playing hard. And accidental. So to kick someone out of the game for playing hard, on something that's accidental, or especially ... it's going to be defensively biased, 'cause, you know, facemask, horse collars, helmet-to-helmet hits. I mean, what do you got on offense? Chop block now? Hands to the face? You know, it's ... Of course defensive players are going to be getting thrown out at a higher level than offensive players."

This is my shocked face.

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