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Adam Schefter's tweet about Justin Houston seems ... ominous

We still don't know all the details of Justin Houston's injury and recovery. The Kansas City Chiefs are saying he has a 6-12 month recovery ahead following an offseason surgery in February. He could be back in August ... or he could miss the whole season.

With that said, this Adam Schefter is freaking me out a little.

Yeah we knew it was in jeopardy but Schefter's tweet seems almost ominous.

Now that I'm re-reading Andy Reid's quote on when he might return, it doesn't sound all that confident either.

"We're hoping, just because of his work ethic and he's been a fast healer in the past," Reid said when asked if his season is in jeopardy. "We're hoping that that's not the case, that he'll be able to play this season, depending on when and where that is, it's too early to be able to tell."

Until I hear concrete information telling me otherwise I will remain hopeful that Houston can return for the Chiefs next season but, yeah, this sucks. A lot.

Update: As further confirmation we don't know anything...

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