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Chiefs' Andy Reid says Jamell Fleming fits the safety role 'kinda like Ron Parker'

When I saw the report that the Kansas City Chiefs were moving cornerback Jamell Fleming to safety, I figured they must be hoping that he can transition to the role like Ron Parker did. Parker, like Fleming, was a corner who moved to safety and played well enough to earn himself a five-year contract from the Chiefs.

Andy Reid spoke to reporters on Tuesday and confirmed that Fleming is moving to safety.

"That's be accurate," Reid said. "Jamell, listen, we brought him back because he's a talented kid. He fits that role kinda like Parker did for us where he's a big physical guy that can play corner. I mean he's done that throughout this career. but we felt like he could also help us at safety. We're going to kick him in there and give him an opportunity to compete at the safety spot and see how he does."

The only problem with this is that the Chiefs still need safety help. It's hard to rely on a player switching positions. While everyone hopes he does well, what if he doesn't? We don't know how he'll take to a new position.

However, if Fleming works out, it would be terrific for the Chiefs to find yet another safety contributor. They have been good at that lately with Ron Parker, Kurt Coleman, Husain Abdullah and Tyvon Branch.

However it works out, Fleming has a special teams role on the Chiefs, and he's very good at that.

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