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Andy Reid asked about tampering punishment, won't say anything about it

Andy Reid is silent on the Kansas City Chiefs tampering allegations. Not completely silent but he's not giving any answers of substance.

Speaking to reporters on a Tuesday conference call, Reid was asked about the NFL's allegations that he tampered with Jeremy Maclin which led to fines for him and the docking of two Chiefs draft picks.

"I can't say anything because we're in the process," Reid said. "That's why Clark made the statement and I would just leave it at that and let that statement hold its own and then let the appeal process go through and what happens there happens there."

The Chiefs confirmed on Monday that they have appealed the ruling.

"I can't get into all that," Reid said when asked if he felt like they were making the Chiefs an example. "You understand that, with the appeal process being what it is. I'm just saying away from all of the appeal questions and let it take place and like I said whatever happens happens and we'll see how that rolls. That's why Clark made the statement yesterday."

So, nothing. The Chiefs will hopefully hear their appeal before the April 28 draft because the NFL has taken one of those draft picks away. If they get it back, they would need to know before the draft.

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