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An update on Eric Fisher vs. Luke Joeckel

Remember when the Kansas City Chiefs chose Eric Fisher over Luke Joeckel with the No. 1 pick a few years ago? The decision was debated for a while because some had Fisher as the one with the most potential while others thought Joeckel and his play at Texas A&M offered him a better chance to succeed. Turns out, both were wrong. At least in terms of the No.1  pick being the next Joe Thomas because that's not happening.

It appears that Fisher is farther along on his team than Joeckel is with his team. The Jaguars said that their left tackle position would be a competition this offseason between Joeckel and free agent signing Kelvin Beachum. Fisher doesn't have a competition in KC, at least not right now.

This is year four for Joeckel so you would hope he has that job sewn up but that's clearly not the case. Fisher is no Joe Thomas either but he's developed into a competent player. It also seems like Fisher is getting better over the past couple of years, which is a sign that things are headed in the right direction. Again, if your expectation is that he should be Joe Thomas, you're gonna have a bad time. If you're looking for improvement, you should be pleased.

This article from the Jaguars suggested that the loser of the competition could be moving to guard. Remember the days when the Chiefs had a tackle we debated about moving to guard? Those were the days...

That Joeckel is facing competition doesn't mean that Fisher is better. They're not related. However, at least we're not talking about him moving to guard.

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