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Why haven't the Chiefs brought Husain Abdullah back?

With the Kansas City Chiefs first wave of free agency done and with the report that Jamell Fleming is moving to safety, I started to wonder ... what is going on with Husain Abdullah?

The Chief safety is currently a free agent and eligible to sign anywhere. The Chiefs have had him the past three years, which suggests they do like him. The Chiefs currently need a safety as Tyvon Branch left for Arizona in free agency.

So, why aren't the Chiefs signing Abdullah?

The Chiefs signed him to a one-year deal in 2013 and then brought him back again in 2014 on a two-year deal. They inked that second contract in the first few days of free agency so I kinda thought the Chiefs would do the same this year yet here we are two weeks after the start of free agency.

Despite the concussion that slowed down his 2015 season, bringing Abdullah back just seems like one of those no-brainers for the Chiefs. It makes too much sense for a team that needs safety help to bring back a safety that knows the defense and has been a competent player in the system for three years.

Maybe it's still coming. Maybe he's one of those free agents that doesn't sign until May or June. Maybe another team is looking at him. Maybe the Chiefs aren't interested anymore. I really don't know why the Chiefs haven't brought him back.

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