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Michael Irvin says Doug Pederson is the Eagles apology to Andy Reid

Michael Irvin retired as Andy Reid was arriving in Philly but the former Cowboys WR still has an opinion on Reid, calling him one of the best coaches in the NFL.

Irvin has a take on another Chiefs / Eagles coach: Doug Pederson. Irvin told a Philly radio station that the Eagles hiring Pederson was essentially the Eagles apology to Andy Reid for firing him.

"It's funny, and I joked with him a lot about this last time when I saw Andy at the [NFL] combine," Irvin said. "I was talking to him, we were hanging out. I said to him then, I said, ‘Man, I guess that's the only way they could say I'm sorry. We messed up. They can't bring you back, but they bring back your under-study. Like, aw man, we need Andy back!' I always thought he was one of the greatest coaches - he's one of the best coaches in the NFL."

Hold up. First off, didn't Andy Reid skip the NFL Combine this year because of his knee operation? How in the world was Michael Irvin hanging out with Andy Reid at the Combine? Is he just mistaken? What a weird thing to lie about if not.

Second, could you imagine three years ago that all this would turn out this way? That Andy Reid would work out so well in his second head coaching job and that the Eagles would be desperate to bring Reid back?

Ha, funny how things work out.

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