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Chiefs' Jamaal Charles suggests he has more left than you think

Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles has posted on his blog at about his ACL recovery process, rehab at the Chiefs facility, working out with Phillip Gaines and coming back to play in 2016. Head on over to Jamaal's website to read the whole thing.

This part stood out to me:

"I've been in the NFL for nine years, but I feel like I have some great days still ahead of me because I've missed almost two full seasons," Jamaal wrote. "I got injured in the second game of 2011 and the fifth game last year. I also didn't play much my rookie year, so it's kind of like I've only played six seasons. That leaves me with a lot more to give the game and my team."

Jamaal had 71 carries last season before tearing his ACL and 12 carries in 2011 before tearing his ACL. He 67 carries in 2008, his rookie year. It's not a bad point but injuries are what you have to worry about as you get older. Jamaal's major injuries are those two on the knee. While he's often banged up, he's not often hurt. I can see his point here.

A few other highlights of his post here

On staying in KC for rehab:

When I did the ACL recovery the first time, I was younger. I didn't have those things to think about. We picked up and moved down to Pensacola to do my rehab work with Dr. Andrews and his staff. But we can't do that this time. I've got the future ahead of me. My daughters are in school and we're used to being stable here, so I can't pick up everybody and just go. That's what I have to think about: what's best for me and what's best for my family.

On his first time staying in KC in the offseason:

For the last month or so, I've been working out about five times a week in KC with the team trainers at the Chiefs facility. That's been really good for me. This is actually the first time I've ever spent the whole offseason based out of Kansas City, and I'm really loving it. Normally, I go back to my house in Austin during the offseason and stay there. But I really like being up here.

On working out with Phillip Gaines:

I've been spending a lot of time working out with Phillip Gaines, who tore his ACL last season too. He had his surgery the week before I had mine, so I get to watch him and see how his knee is reacting to each workout. It's good to get a look at where he is in his process, and then go from there with mine. We've both got somebody going through the same struggle as we are.

It's similar to how it was with Eric Berry and I, when I tore my other ACL. EB was going through the same process then and we were back-to-back each week. I'm back-to-back with Phillip right now. We know we're in this together, so we watch each other's backs.

Check out the whole thing here.

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