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Chiefs free agency: Guard Jeff Allen will have some interest out there

We noted recently that Sean Smith is going to get paid because he is near the top of the list of free agent cornerbacks. We can make a similar point with Jeff Allen and the list of free agent guards as Allen is one of the better guards available as we approach March 9.

In fact, word has apparently leaked of the Jaguars interest in Allen, according to a report out of Jacksonville (H/T Big Cat Country).

Take these reports of interest with a grain of salt at this point. I'm interested in signing Josh Norman to the Chiefs but it's not gonna happen. The Jaguars, however, are flush with salary cap space. Over The Cap lists them with Seventy ... Five ... Million in cap space.

Allen said he wants to focus in on one position - I say his best position is guard - but I like him on the Chiefs because of his ability to fill in at tackle if needed. He's a smart dude, seems like a good teammate and turned up his edge this season. The downside is some of his injuries, which have limited him significantly in the past two seasons. We've seen $4 million per year floated as his possible price tag. I know the Chiefs have a lot of other players to be concerned about, including Ben Grubbs, but the bottomline is that they were a better offensive line with Jeff Allen than without.

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