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Rod Streater could be 'sneaky good' free agent signing for Chiefs

Sometimes when you sign a free agent the fanbase of his former team is glad he's gone. That makes you wonder about the quality of player you just signed.

Sometimes, however, those who know him best call it a great signing, which is the case with new Chiefs free agent WR Rod Streater. We reached out to Levi Damien over at SB Nation's Raiders blog, Silver and Black Pride, and he says the Chiefs got a good one in Streater, which I'll take as good news.

"Streater could be an ideal addition to the Chiefs," Levi tells us. "With Maclin as the number one receiver, Streater can be a reliable possession receiver and add some playmaking abilities as well. He was the Raiders top receiver prior to breaking his foot early in the 2014 season."

Injuries explained his absence in the 2014 season. But what about the 2015 season? What happened there?

"Last season he was expected to be the third wide receiver behind Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree," Levi writes. "Then he came down with an unknown illness that had him out all of camp and set him behind. While he was out, Seth Roberts impressed the coaches and took Streater's role in the offense. They like Andre Holmes's special teams play and as a big red zone target, so Streater was the odd man out most of the season. He could be a sneaky good free agent signing."

It's a strange world we live in where the Raiders have so much WR talent that they can't play them all but it appears that's the situation we're looking at here. I'm really excited to see where Streater fits in with Albert Wilson and Chris Conley. Both those players are still young and I don't want to give up on them but Streater's proven production (albeit three years ago) is enticing.

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