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NFL power rankings forgot the Broncos don't have a QB, Chiefs also in the top 10 has posted their post-free agency power rankings and the Kansas City Chiefs rank well at No. 8 overall. Most of us here agree that the Chiefs are a bottom-of-the-top-10 team when it comes to power rankings.

This ranking is better than Bovada's Super Bowl odds, which gives the Chiefs the 13th best odds to win the 2017 Super Bowl. That seemed too low, especially compared to most other power rankings which have the Chiefs in the top 10.

So where do the Chiefs rank in the AFC? Here's the breakdown from's power rankings:

2. Patriots

4. Steelers

6. Broncos

8. Chiefs

9. Bengals

12. Texans

Fair? I think so. I can see the Patriots or Steelers emerging as the AFC's best team next season. The Chiefs ceiling here is probably No. 2 in the AFC. Neither the Patriots nor the Steelers are lightyears ahead of the Chiefs but I'd bet one of those teams puts up a better season than the Chiefs. Their floor should be the Texans -- they're a better team than Houston, as they demonstrated twice last season. The Broncos still feel ranked too high with no quarterback at the moment. Are we just ignoring that Mark Sanchez is their quarterback or...?

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