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No, the Chiefs shouldn't bring Dwayne Bowe back

The question has already been asked and the answer is ... No, the Kansas City Chiefs should not bring Dwayne Bowe back now that he's been released by the Cleveland Browns.

Bowe was the Chiefs 2007 first round pick and lasted long enough with the team to make a dent in some of the Chiefs record books. John Dorsey and Andy Reid gave him a huge deal in 2013 which turned out to be a mistake two years later when he was cut.

We spent some time arguing during the 2014 whether it was Alex Smith's or Dwayne Bowe's fault that Bowe wasn't producing. A popular criticism was putting it on Alex Smith and his unwillingness to throw to receivers.

And then Maclin came along and put up 1,088 yards in his first year with Alex Smith.

Maclin's season combined with Bowe dropping off the face of the Earth in Cleveland last season shows to me that it probably had just as much to do with Bowe's skills declining as anything. The Browns were financially motivated to make it work with Bowe considering they had $9 million in guaranteed money invested in him.

However, it didn't work. Bowe ended the season with five catches. Yes, five.

If Bowe isn't done, he's close to it. The Chiefs should be the organization like the Patriots where they know when to get rid of players and when to bring them back. They arguably held onto him too long last time around, although their hands were tied in 2013. They won't make that mistake again.

It's Game Time.

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