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Reminder that the Chiefs really like LB Justin March

Last month we looked at a few Kansas City Chiefs players that you shouldn't forget about. One of those players was Justin March. You may not have heard of him because a knee injury ended his season in September but the Chiefs seem to really like this guy.

BJ Kissel posted a quote from GM John Dorsey about March. Take into account that March has yet to play a down in a real NFL game and you can see how excited Dorsey seems to be to get him on the field.

"I admire Justin March," Dorsey said, per BJ. "I admire how he approaches the game. As a young kid, he is a true professional. How he has dedicated himself to getting himself back into the top shape, he's done that. He understands the playbook. He goes out of his way to understand the little things. I can't wait to get him into training camp and see him perform because we always say, year one to year two he's going to make bigger strides, and I can't wait to see what he does now in year two."

Dorsey was asked last September for his biggest surprise in camp and guess who he said? It would probably be Justin March. I love the kid, he's tenacious," Dorsey said.

The chase indeed...

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