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Here's what the Chiefs will miss if Roger Goodell continues to steal their draft picks

It sucks that the Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid and John Dorsey have been fined. It also sucks that the Chiefs will lose a sixth round pick next year due to the tampering violations.

What really, really sucks is the third round pick the Chiefs are scheduled to lose in 2016. That's because GM John Dorsey has nailed the third round since he's been in Kansas City. I know, just because Dorsey hit on his third round picks in previous years doesn't mean he would've done the same in 2016 if Goodell hadn't been bullied as a kid and decided to take it out on the Chiefs the Chiefs still had a third round pick.

A brief history of Dorsey in the round:

2015: WR Chris Conley, CB Steven Nelson

2014: CB Phillip Gaines

2013: TE Travis Kelce, RB Knile Davis

There is one star in this group (Travis Kelce), a bunch of contributors and no total duds. That's what's most impressive - no complete misses. Really, the Chiefs have no total misses in the first three rounds at all. Do you wish Dee Ford was a more regular contributor or that Gaines hadn't torn his ACL? Sure, of course. But they're not "outta the league by year two" busts.

The third round pick really hurts. That could be a starter the Chiefs are missing. Perhaps that's why the Chiefs indicated they would appeal this. Thanks, Goodell.

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