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The Texans have better 2017 Super Bowl odds than Chiefs, which makes no sense

The Kansas City Chiefs 2017 Super Bowl odds place them 13th in the NFL and seventh in the AFC which seems too low. Bovada's Super Bowl odds give the Houston Texans better odds than the Chiefs. The same Texans that were embarrassed by the Chiefs in their own stadium just a couple months ago. I'm not going to get worked up about Super Bowl odds in March but the Texans? Huh.

Meanwhile, Raiders odds went from 66/1 to 33/1. The Raiders are the next closest AFC team behind the Chiefs. Sadly, this is probably close to accurate because the Raiders were decent last year and appeared to get better in free agency this year.

The Broncos are getting that Super Bowl respect for a team that doesn't have a quarterback. (Oops, sorry, Mark Sanchez). I'm very surprised to see them still listed this high. I suspect this will come back to Earth soon.

As for the rest of the odds...

New England Patriots (15/2)

Carolina Panthers (10/1)

Denver Broncos (10/1)

Green Bay Packers (10/1)

Pittsburgh Steelers (10/1)

Seattle Seahawks (10/1)

Arizona Cardinals (16/1)

Dallas Cowboys (20/1)

Houston Texans (20/1)

Cincinnati Bengals (22/1)

Minnesota Vikings (22/1)

Indianapolis Colts (25/1)

Kansas City Chiefs (25/1)

New York Giants (33/1)

Oakland Raiders (33/1)

Baltimore Ravens (40/1)

Atlanta Falcons (50/1)

Buffalo Bills (50/1)

Chicago Bears (50/1)

Detroit Lions (50/1)

Los Angeles Rams (50/1)

New Orleans Saints (50/1)

New York Jets (50/1)

Philadelphia Eagles (50/1)

San Diego Chargers (50/1)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (50/1)

Washington Redskins (50/1)

Jacksonville Jaguars (66/1)

Miami Dolphins (66/1)

San Francisco 49ers (66/1)

Tennessee Titans (100/1)

Cleveland Browns (150/1)

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