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Mitch Schwartz likes Chiefs balanced offense, rather than 'chucking it 60, 70 times a game'

It's not completely new for new Kansas City Chiefs OT Mitch Schwartz. He has some Chiefs experience through his brother Geoff but he's also already worked with his new offensive coordinator. Excuse me, co-offensive coordinator.

Brad Childress, who was promoted to Chiefs co-offensive coordinator this offseason, was running the Browns offense in 2012 when Schwartz was drafted so there is some familiarity there already.

"It's a balanced offense," Schwartz told BJ Kissel of his time with Childress in Cleveland. "Kind of 'o-line friendly', they know what they want to do well and what they do well and they stick to it. They add some wrinkles here and there and mix some things up to throw off defenses but there's a comfort there with coach Childress. He's a really good coach and he's a really great guy as well."

Childress comes from the Andy Reid coaching tree. While they're still different coaches, it doesn't hurt to have a little familiarity there.

"The offense is great for offensive lineman," Schwartz said when asked about the Chiefs offense under Andy Reid. "There's a lot of things that we get to do here that you can't do elsewhere. There's a lot of running the ball, it's a balanced offense, setting up play action and doing things that offensive linemen love. It's not just sitting back there chucking it 60, 70 times a game and hoping things work out ... It seems like this past year using Alex Smith's legs to open things up more in the run game and the pass game. It's a really cool opportunity and I'm looking forward to playing in the offense."

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