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Raiders GM happy they don't have to beg for free agents anymore (and he actually said that)

A real LOL-worthy moment here from the Oakland Raiders GM.

Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie was speaking after the first wave of free agency and had an all-time quote that is both hilarious (in a laugh-at-the-Raiders kinda way) and accurate.

"It's good to see people call us and not always have to beg."

LOL! This may not be as funny when the Raiders are actually good - that's probably coming sooner rather than later - but this is so funny to me right now because it's so true. Part of the reason the Raiders don't have to beg anymore is because of the insane amount of cap space that allows them to pay center Rodney Hudson and guard Kelechi Osemele $100 million combined in their contracts (did someone say paying a guard and tackle $100 million was smart?).

Like I said, this won't be as funny when the Raiders are good, which could be as soon as this year. If the Raiders are good, it likely won't be because of a guard or a center. It will be because their quarterback is very good. Derek Carr is, unfortunately for KC, going to make Oakland relevant for a while. They won't be the joke of a franchise they have been for some time.

(Yes, I'm a little salty the Chiefs didn't draft Carr. Leave me alone)

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