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NFL mock draft 2016: Kansas City Chiefs can't go wrong with cornerback or d-line

The Kansas City Chiefs team needs changed in one big way in free agency with the addition of RT Mitch Schwartz. His arrival means the Chiefs can't wipe away (for now ... hi, Eric Fisher!) one of the three biggest needs on the team. Cornerback and defensive line look like big needs right now as does another offensive line to keep the development rolling.

This brings us to the 2016 NFL Draft. Once again in the John Dorsey era, the Chiefs can go anywhere in the draft. You could sell me on a linebacker, offensive or defensive lineman, cornerback, receiver ... there are only a couple of positions I would be upset to see (replacing Dustin Colquitt near the top).

Dan Kadar of SB Nation's Mocking The Draft has been rotating between defensive linemen and cornerbacks with the Chiefs 28th pick in his mock drafts. In this week's edition, the Chiefs go with cornerback William Jackson, cornerback out of Houston.

"The Chiefs lost Sean Smith to division rival Oakland, but there are some options to find his replacement," Kadar writes. "Sure, this would mean Kansas City has picked a cornerback in the first round two consecutive years. But last year's defense showed how much it needs two lockdown corners."

He's not wrong in his writeup. Cornerback is one of the positions - like pass rusher - where you can't have enough of 'em. Anyone here going to complain if the Chiefs have two first round picks and two third round picks lining up at corner? I'm not. Given the way the league is going these days, you're behind if you don't have a capable third cornerback. The Chiefs are two thirds of the way there with Marcus Peters and Phillip Gaines. One more oughta do it.

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