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Tamba Hali's new contract numbers are in

The details on Tamba Hali's new three-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs is in. Overall it's a three-year, $21 million deal with $11.5 million guaranteed. Tamba's previous deal with count $4M against the salary cap in addition to the cap hit for this contract.

This contract info comes via Aaron Wilson:

Total: 3 years, $21M
Guaranteed: $11.5M
Bonus: $4.75M
Base salaries: $1M (2016), $5.75M (2017), $5.75M (2018)
Per game active roster bonus: $31,250

There's also this, which is interesting:

There was a report a couple years ago that Tamba Hali was overweight, which he denied. I'm not sure if this is standard for older players as Tamba is 32.

DeMarcus Ware signed a $10M per year deal three years ago. 2014 Ware and 2016 Tamba are not the same player but given the reported free agent interest - Tamba said he wasn't going anywhere, for the record - it's reasonable to believe that Tamba would've gotten a similar deal from another team.

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