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Mitch Schwartz's brother Geoff gave him a good review of the Chiefs

Geoff Schwartz sure is coming in handy these days. Not only is he a good Twitter follow with a good podcast, he's also part of the recruiting team that brought his brother Mitch Schwartz to the Chiefs.

Maybe not formally part of that recruiting team but it sounds like Geoff gave Mitch a positive review of Kansas City.

"He just told me how awesome of a time he had here," Mitch says of his brother Geoff (via quotes from the Chiefs), "he wishes it had been longer. But he had a great time with all the coaches, the coaching staff was great for him, had a great time in the city. Obviously I know about the barbecue and all the good food here - as a lineman, I definitely appreciate that.

"He had nothing but good things to say, I knew that a couple years ago. So when this opportunity came up, I was already maybe a little bit more informed than most other people would have been. I was lucky in that regard."

When the Broncos lost Brock Osweiler, John Elway put out a statement talking about Broncos that want to be in Denver, which many league observers perceived to be a shot at Osweiler.

On the flip side, Geoff Schwartz is a great example of why you don't dump on players on the way out the door. Mitch may not come to KC without a great recommendation from someone he trusts. Someone the Chiefs treated well while he was in KC and on the way out.

There's a good lesson in there.

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