An Open Letter to Roger Goodell

Dear Commish,

I wanted to thank you and your lap jockey, Troy Vincent, for once again handling your punishments with such poise and consistency. As recently as last year Jets owner Woody Johnson made a public offer to Darrelle Revis to leave the defending champs and get #Paid by the Jets. Within weeks you and Troy were able to come up with a fair tampering punishment, $100,000 to a Billionaire. You're swift judgement helped the Jets and Patriots have clarity in their situation and move on with their year.

So on Wednesday, amidst one of my favorite off seasons the Chiefs have ever put together (hat tip to you John Dorsey and team), I read the news that the Kansas City Chiefs were hit with a combined $350,000 in fines and a loss of two draft picks I was shocked. As I dug deeper I was stunned to find out the Chiefs were losing a 3rd round pick in 2016 and a 6th round pick in 2017, but my shock didn't stop there. These punishments were from a tampering case before the 2015 season?

Now as I mentioned earlier, the same off-season had a tampering case that was opened in closed before the season started. The Jets openly broke the "rules" yet their punishment was very manageable. You mean to tell me that Jeremy Maclin's case was this dirty? Did Andy sext him? What could the Chiefs possibly have done to get such a severe punishment? Sadly, I don't think this is the worst part about your random punishment process. I think the timing is the most crippling part of this all.

You chose the busiest day in the off-season to punish the Chiefs for something they did a whole calendar year overall. This was smart by you. "How can we put out an asinine punishment without anyone noticing? Do it during the first day free for all that is free agency." That was wise, but it made you look as incompetent as ever. Vincent even had the nerve to say the Chiefs would have been punished harsher had we not cooperated!?

Gee, thanks.

Clark Hunt is pursuing the appeal process, but judging how long this punishment took (along with any punishment your office administers besides the aforementioned Jets tampering case) this will cost us our 3rd round draft pick in this years draft. Even in past tampering cases the offender would have to forfeit a 6th round pick and swap their 3rd round pick with the team that was wronged (who's the Eagles coach next year?). This is a blow that a top 10 team can't afford. The first three rounds are where you get a large portion of impact players. While Dorsey, Reid, and staff have done an awesome job, drafting is where you win the Super Bowl. Where else can you find a starter for replacement level money?

I think the real question is how do you have a job? You get paid more than most Colleges receive in admission fees, $34.1 Million in 2014, to run the most popular league in the world. What do you do for 350 days of the year? I have always felt that while you have handled situations, ummm poorly, I've given you the benefit of the doubt. Social media is a bear and you have more eyes watching your product than any other TV executive. Now I have lost any shred of respect I had for you. There is no other business that could have a leader be so incompetent yet still continue to make record money (maybe I'm the idiot for letting this guy succeed).

I look forward to the Jaguars getting slapped with a tampering decision next year, because Malik Jackson was still a Bronco when I found out on Monday he was to make $90 Million. And while it did occur in the legal tampering period, $90 Million contracts take more than a day to be agreed on. Unless you think all of your fans are dumb enough to believe the NFL is the only league or business that can close a multi million dollar contract in a couple of hours.

Yet all of this doesn't matter because I am a slave to the NFL. So here is to a 2016 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl.


A Jaded Fan

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