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Who will the Denver Broncos host in the 2016 season opener?

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The NFL's Super Bowl champion hosts the first game of the year on Thursday night the following season. With the Denver Broncos winning it all this year, the Chiefs are an option for that opening game.

The Broncos actually have a handful of great options for the opener next year. The Chiefs are probably the third or fourth best choice here. The first two would be the Patriots and Panthers, the teams Denver faced in each of the last two games. I'd put my money on it being one of those games.

I could also see the Chiefs or the Colts being an option. The Chiefs because it's a divisional rivalry and KC should be a good team next year. The Colts because of Andrew Luck. And if we're going with featuring star players, throw in the Texans and JJ Watt.

Who should it be?

New England Patriots

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers

Oakland Raiders

San Diego Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs