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Eric Berry's comeback player of the year vote wasn't very close

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Leading up to the vote for the NFL's comeback player of the year, we thought that Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry had a chance to win. He did topple cancer which affects so many people. This inspirational pick seemed almost too obvious.

In the end, however, Berry was the overwhelming choice.

Berry received 38 of the 50 votes for the Associated Press comeback player of the year award. Carson Palmer, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback, came in second with six votes. Palmer had an outstanding year for the Cardinals and only received six votes -- that shows just show special Berry's year was.

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson, who never really seemed like a serious enough candidate because he was coming back from an NFL suspension which doesn't really feel like it hits on the spirit of the award, came in third place with four votes.

49ers LB NaVorro Bowman and Buccaneers RB Doug Martin both finished with one vote each. That's probably a case of their team not doing well enough for them to really rise above and earn more votes. Both great seasons though.