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Eric Berry's speech after winning comeback player of the year award

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Eric Berry won the AP comeback player of the year on Saturday night during the NFL Honors show. He gave this speech after winning the award. He got emotional during it which is one of the first times I ever remember seeing him like that. It was very a video of it here.

"First of all I want to say thank you. I'm truly honored. I'm truly blessed. Truly thankful to he standing before you all. I have so many people I want to thank but I just want to thank God because there were some tough times some times where I thought I couldn't do it anymore. In times of uncertainty I just learned on him. He put my family in place. They supported me so much, my Mom and my Dad.

"There were a lot of rough times, a lot of rough nights and a lot of lonely nights but man my Mom was right there. I love you to death. I know you're out here watching, Mom. I love you, I love you. Pops, I love you. I love you. When I lost my hair, Pops was right there. He shaved his head with me just so I wouldn't be byt myself and I love you to death for that. My uncle when I first started training, man, he was right there with me during all my meals when I was throwing up. Everyone was there rubbing my back man. I'm sorry fi I'm taking some time man. I knew I'd be here but I feel like I'm dreaming right now. I love you all. My homies, I love you man.

"Justin Houston you never doubted me. From the first time when I knew I was diagnosed you came on my couch and told me, bro, you were going to be there from day one, I just want the first copy of the book. I respect you for that man. Coach Reid thank you for telling me to fear nothing and attack everything. Coach Pagano, thank you for your support throughout the whole ordeal. Tony Villani, coach Lou, coach Rob, all you all for pushing me. Inky Johnson, big bro, thank you for showing me that miracles do happen. I just love everybody. Nurse Stephanie, I appreciate it man.

"End of the day everybody just live out your dreams. Don't let anything come between it. If you're not sure about anything just get on your knees and pray and just take it from there. I love you all man. Thank you."