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Travis Kelce was asked about that time Von Miller called him "fake Gronk head ass"

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The Von Miller and Travis Kelce rivalry continues.

It started last year when Miller took a cheap shot on Alex Smith and Kelce took exception to it with this gesture on the field. It continued Week 2 this year when Miller, who threw Kelce to the ground after the play was over, tweeted at Kelce and called him this:

If you're more confused than upset by this, you're not alone. I'm not sure anyone quite knows what "head a$$" means. Maybe Von Miller doesn't even know. (And after dealing with

As it turns out, Kelce isn't totally sure what it means either, according to this interview he did from Radio Row this week.

Q: Von Miller earlier in the season called you fake Gronk. How do you feel about that?

Kelce: It was 'fake Gronk head ass'. I'm still a little confused by the actual sentence that he put together there but I feel like I got the gist of it. If I'm a fake Gronk I guess I'm a real something so I guess I'm a real Kelce at the end of the day.