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Clark Hunt on Eric Berry, Derrick Johnson: 'We try to put sentiment aside'

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This is a unique free agency period coming up this year gfor the Kansas City Chiefs because two players tied closely to the fan base are scheduled to be free agents. S Eric Berry is a potential comeback player of the year winner the way he battled back from cancer to come back and lead the Chiefs this year. LB Derrick Johnson is the longest tenured Chief and an absolute fan favorite.

It's been reported that the Chiefs are talking with Berry's camp. We've heard nothing on DJ except him indicating after the season he wants to come back. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt spoke with Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison on 610 Sports from the Super Bowl about both players.

"Both players you mentioned have been great players for the Chiefs," Clark said when asked about the sentiments involved with players like DJ and Berry. "Derrick now for a decade. They were a big part of our success this season. No doubt that we'd like to have both of them back.

"At the end of the day though you have to make football decisions based on how it's going to help your football team in the future. We try to put sentiment aside. John Dorsey and his staff do a great job with that. He works with coach Reid and they make those tough decisions."

So, no real news here - Clark told the Star similar things - but he did say that the Chiefs want both players back. It certainly seems as if both players want to be back with the Chiefs. Don't these things have a way of working themselves out?