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Ohio State's Joey Bosa is smart for modeling his game after Chiefs' Tamba Hali

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Ohio State defensive lineman Joey Bosa has a shot to be the first defensive player taken. He's been a stud at Ohio State and was quickly tabbed as one of the likely first picks in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Just who does Bosa model his game after? A certain Chief from the Big 10 ...

Tamba went to Penn State so it's interesting to hear this Ohio State player say this but Bosa is a smart guy. Few people are able to dominate at the NFL level solely because they can physically dominate everyone else. It's the NFL so everyone is big and strong too. Tamba understood this and has played in the NFL for a decade because he found other advantages. He used his technique, especially his handwork, to get an advantage. He worked with martial arts expert Master Joe Kim. You see him on the field before the game working himself into a frenzy with his handwork.

Bosa looking up to Tamba is a great sign for his NFL career. Smart move.