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Panthers-Broncos Super Bowl prediction: Travis Kelce can't root for Denver

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Travis Kelce is a lot like you and I. Sure, he may be one of the three best tight ends in the league, have a $46 million contract and a reality TV show with 50 women coming up but he still makes his Super Bowl picks the same way we do.

Kelce joined PFT Live and was asked by Mike Florio who he's picking between the Panthers and Broncos in Super Bowl 50. Just like many Chiefs fans, Kelce can't pick Denver.

"I'm gonna go with Carolina," Kelce said. "I can't root for Denver. I just can't."

This is a really easy decision for Chiefs fans. Peyton Manning knocked KC out of the playoffs multiple times when he was with the Colts. That's reason enough to root against him. Now add in that he's in your division and the Chiefs have just one win against him since he came to the AFC West? Really easy to root against that guy if you're in KC.

Watch the full interview above where Kelce talks about his new deal, his white Ford Bronco hat, comparisons to Gronk and more.