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Kansas City Chiefs best moments of the season: 5, 4, 3...

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It's been said that "remember when" is the lowest form of conversation. Well, I disagree, Tony Soprano and whoever he stole that exceptionally memorable quote from. Sure, when it involves a couple of bros hashing out high school times ad nauseam, that kind of conversation can be annoying. On the other hand, some of the very best conversations involve remembering the road behind you.

And on that note, remember when...

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Moment Number 5: Dontari Poe Goes Full Priest Holmes

On Sunday, November 22, 2015, we were all a part of history.

Well, we weren't a part of it. But we saw it happen, which is basically just as good (and arguably even better, as we're able to talk about being there but didn't have to get off our couches).

On that date, Dontari Poe became the largest human being to ever score a touchdown in the NFL. Take that, '85 Bears. If they had a fridge, the Chiefs have a vending machine (are vending machines bigger than fridges? Let's say they are for the sake of the analogy holding up). And our vending machine? Well, he can fly.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, though. First, let's set the stage. It's the first quarter in a big game against the Chargers. The score is tied at zero and the Chiefs are knocking on the door. BUT... they're facing fourth and one on the goal line.

What do you do as a coach when you're on the goal line and need points? You give the ball to the big man, of course.

It's beautiful.

I don't know why, but virtually everyone who loves football loves it when one of the hogs on the line scores. There's just something intensely satisfying about seeing giant men do something that we normally only see done by small (well, more normal-sized) men. That's part of it.

The other part is just how crazy-happy the big guys get when they score a touchdown. They go absolutely wild. And we're all more than OK with it. That's one situation where NO ONE wants to see the ol' Barry Sanders "hand the football to the ref" celebration. When we get a big man touchdown, we want some dancing.

And Poe did not disappoint. You know how people keep talking about Cam Newton and dabbing? That's nothing compared to the Big Man Dab.


You see that sound man in the background of the picture? The silly grin he's got on his face is what's known as the "I got to see a giant man score a touchdown and start dancing" grin. This is arguably the greatest of all grins.

Chiefs fans have been begging for Poe to see some goal line action for years. He's one of the best athletes I've ever seen at his size. Check that, he's absolutely the best athlete I've ever seen at his size, and is one of the most athletic 300-plus pounders I've ever seen. It just makes sense he'd be a natural running the rock.

So this moment hit on a lot of notes. Big man touchdown? Check. Big man dancing? Check. Putting the Chiefs in front in an important game? Check. Seeing a long-desired dream come true in front of our eyes? Check. Being kinda / sorta / vaguely reminded of the greatest touchdown scorer in the history of the game? Check.

This moment was destined to be on this list from the moment it happened.

Moment Number 4: Alex Smith and Jeremy Maclin Torch the Bills

You know the old saying "familiarity breeds contempt?" Well, I'm sorry to say I don't have contempt for the Bills. In fact, I have a lot of respect for that team as well as their fanbase. There are absolutely NO bandwagon Bills fans, and their team plays hard nosed football.

I sure am sick of seeing the Bills, though. 2016 will mark the first time in what feels like decades the Chiefs aren't playing the Bills. And pretty much every year it becomes an exercise in controlled breathing and heart attacks for Chiefs fans. I mean, sure, they've won the majority of the time. But those games are constantly stressful.

When the Chiefs met the Bills in Week 12 this year it was no different. At this point, the Chiefs had won four straight games and had clawed their way back to .500. They were making their way right into the thick of the Wild Card race. A race the Bills just so happened to be in.

And of course, the Bills jumped out to an early lead, going up 10-0. And if you've followed the Chiefs at all over the last couple years, them going down by two scores early in a game spelled almost certain doom.

Then things got weird.

First, Alex Smith threw a deep ball complete to Jeremy Maclin down the right sideline, leading to a touchdown by Spencer Ware. That was a bit interesting, seeing as Smith isn't known as Mr. Deep Ball around these parts. It was an underthrown pass and Maclin, being a stud receiver, adjusted and caught it. That was at least interesting.

Of course, the Bills went down the field and scored a touchdown, going back up by 10. And we all sighed in resignation.

Then three plays into the next drive (after a deep ball attempt to Jason Avant led to a penalty, itself enough to make us say, "huh, another deep ball"), this happened.

Well, all right then. Totally saw that coming.

And it's not like Maclin and Smith were done terrorizing the Bills. By the end of the day, Maclin had accumulated nine catches for 160 yards, and we had experienced firsthand what it's like when the opposing team just can't cover your best WR (that was often the case for Maclin this season, but that's a whole separate article).

The Bills put up a heckuva fight, and the game ended up coming down to the wire way more than I would've liked, but there was just no way the Chiefs were losing on a day Smith was tossing the ball all over the place to Maclin.

This ranks quite high as one of the most fun moments of the year for me for a variety of reasons. First, it's just flat-out fun to watch the offense throw the ball down the field. Second, the Chiefs needed this win desperately (that was kinda the theme for the second half of the season). Third, the Bills game was the type of game the Chiefs were supposed to lose; going down two scores early against a tough defense? Forget it. But they didn't. They fought back, and did it in a way no one expected.

Finally, though, the Bills game served as a confirmation that Alex Smith 2.0 was in fact a real thing and not some mirage. Smith had been playing solid football for awhile before this game, but this was the point of the season when people started to really notice. A HUGE part of 2015 being a fun season was watching Smith improve when no one (even me) really expected it.

This was the game where I felt like the Chiefs could really, truly run the table and make the playoffs. Truly, a great memory.

Moment Number 3: Peyton Manning Gets Benched

In almost any other non Super-Bowl-winning season, it would be tough to top this moment. It was incredible.

The Chiefs went to Mile High (or Invesco, or whatever) having lost something close to nine thousand games in a row to Denver. All the Chiefs had were moral victories and talk about how the Chiefs had outplayed the Broncos back in Week 2 (which they had, but I digress). The Broncos, and especially Peyton Manning, had owned the Chiefs for years. Peyton was about to become the NFL leader in career passing yards. Everything felt set up for the let down from the Chiefs.

Instead, the Chiefs picked off Manning. Then picked him off again. And again. And AGAIN. Somewhere in between they forced a fumble. It was both glorious and hysterical at the same time.

No play better encapsulated what was happening on the field than this one.

I have watched that roughly a thousand times. Smith just goes right through Emmanuel Sanders and TAKES the ball from him. Much like the way the Chiefs just took the game from Denver. Even the most optimistic of us didn't anticipate the Chiefs totally dominating the Broncos from start to finish that day.

The culmination of it all? This moment.


Yep, the Broncos have made the Super Bowl on the back of a defense that is ridiculously good. But no one will ever be able to take away the moment the Chiefs exorcised their Manning demons.

The ultimate bonus? The fact that this game exposed a lot of Broncos fans for the front-running ridiculous frauds of diehards they are. The boos that rained down on Manning and the cheers when Brock came in were just... well, they were what they were. There are some great, wonderful human beings who also happen to be Broncos fans. But most of them are the worst.

The entirety of those circumstances created one of the happiest moments of the year.. Like I said, any other season and this moment might be No. 1. But as you all know, this was not a typical Chiefs season. We'll get to that next time. In the meantime, go watch Poe fly again and dream of next year.