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Former Jet Bart Scott says he'd have a Super Bowl ring if Alex Smith was his QB

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Alex Smith has had the benefit of playing on some of the best defensive teams in the past five seasons. He had a couple of teams in San Francisco built on defense and the running game and it hasn't been all that different in Kansas City, where the Chiefs defense has been ranked fifth, second and third, respectively, in the past three years.

The KC Star's Terez Paylor spoke with former Jets LB Bart Scott at the Super Bowl and Scott, who now works for CBS, says if his Jets teams under Rex Ryan had Alex at quarterback, they would probably have a ring.

"I'll tell you what - if I would have had Alex Smith, I would have won two Super Bowls, possibly three," Scott said, per the Star. "I mean, I went to the AFC Championship (Game) with Mark Sanchez (twice). I'm just being honest."

The Jets went to the AFC Championship game in 2010 and 2011 and lost both games, one to the Colts and another to the Steelers. The Saints went on to beat the Colts in 2010 while the Packers beat the Steelers in 2011. It's easy to say that they would have won but we have no idea how it would've turned out. It's interesting though to see a player view Alex as someone who would have helped them to the Super Bowl, not just someone who would screw it up.

Go read the rest of Terez's piece with quotes from Phil Simms, Boomer Esiason and Trent Green.