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Chiefs still working to lock Eric Berry up before free agency

On the surface it seems this report that the Kansas City Chiefs and Eric Berry are "ramping up" talks doesn't mean a whole lot. Chiefs GM John Dorsey told us a few weeks ago he's been in touch with Berry's camp.

Look closer, and this report is actually meaningful. If we are getting down in the weeds with where the two sides are at in negotiations then I feel pretty good in stepping back, looking at the big picture and saying this deal is probably going to get done. There seems to be little question what either side wants at this point -- they both want it to get done. That they're "ramping up" talks this early in the process is a positive. It's a priority for everyone involved. Berry has a pretty reasonable case to be the NFL's highest paid safety or thereabout so I did wonder but I do sense some momentum towards getting a deal done .... at some point. Hopefully optimistic seems appropriate here.

Doing a deal would mean that Dorsey and the Chiefs can look at other free agents on their long list. Travis Kelce got a new deal. Derrick Johnson needs a deal. A decision on Sean Smith's future needs to be made. It's a busy month for the Chiefs GM.

Things can change, sure. We're talking about millions of dollars and this is a business after all. But don't you feel good about Berry's deal happening at some point? I still can't imagine him playing elsewhere. Get it done, Dorse.

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