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Todd McShay's 2016 NFL mock draft may not be popular with Chiefs fans

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ESPN's Todd McShay has a new 2016 NFL mock draft out. It's so early in the process that there isn't any real information to take out of this other than the usual back-and-forth that mock drafts bring. For the Chiefs latest pick, McShay has chosen a safety out of Ohio State named Vonn Bell. Here's what he said about Bell:

With nine career interceptions, Bell displays great instincts and range in coverage. He's an aggressive and tough run defender who had remarkable durability, playing in all 42 Ohio State games since 2013. This is an NFL-ready safety who could start for the Chiefs in Week 1.

The reason I say Chiefs fans won't like it doesn't have much to do with Bell. I don't know know a whole lot about him. It's because I would assume that the Chiefs would only draft a safety in the first round if it meant Eric Berry wasn't coming back to Kansas City. The other reason is that the Chiefs have a knack for finding safeties off the street (Abdullah, Coleman, Branch).

Berry is scheduled to be a free agent in March. He could reasonably ask to be the NFL's highest paid safety. The Chiefs do have $30-plus million in salary cap space but they also have other free agents to sign. The money will go fast.

Perhaps that's a bad assumption that drafting a safety means Berry is gone. (Indeed, many responses to this article are saying they like this pick.) The Chiefs could play a safety like Bell at nickel while they figure out Berry's long-term future if it's not wrapped up this year.

Chiefs GM John Dorsey recently said he has talked to Berry's camp about a new deal. I keep coming back to this: after everything both sides have been through, can you imagine Berry playing for anyone but the Chiefs? I can't.