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Kansas City Chiefs have a knack for finding good safeties off the street

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The Kansas City Chiefs may need to find another safety and they may not have much money to do it. No, I'm not talking about Eric Berry. The Chiefs have to find a way to get him wrapped up.

I'm talking about the third safety that the Chiefs always seem to find off the street.

In 2013, it was Husain Abdullah, who had been out of football for a year before signing with the Chiefs. He has lasted all three seasons of the Andy Reid / John Dorsey era in KC but he is scheduled to be a free agent in March.

In 2014, the Chiefs signed Kurt Coleman shortly before the season. You know, the Kurt Coleman that is starring in the Super Bowl next weekend. The guy that the Chiefs signed off the street in September 2014 is probably going to sign a nice contract sometime in the next year.

Last year, the Chiefs signed Tyvon Branch to a one-year, $2 million deal. He was coming off a couple of injury-riddled seasons in Oakland but put in a solid year for the Chiefs.

Abdullah and Branch will be free agents in March while Coleman is long gone. What do the Chiefs do? I can easily see them trying to sign another safety off the street when one comes available. The Chiefs know you can never have enough defensive backs as they have played a lot of them on the field at once under Bob Sutton. I wouldn't even mind if Abdullah was the one they brought back, although his playing time dipped late in the year after a concussion.

Update: I didn't include his name here but Herbie is right that Ron Parker merits a mention. And so does Kelcie McCray, who was traded for Rishaw Johnson.