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NFL Draft 2016: DT Sheldon Rankins may not be there for the Kansas City Chiefs

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Louisville DT Sheldon Rankins is one of the handful of players we've seen mocked to the Kansas City Chiefs regularly. The pick makes a lot of sense given the Chiefs need along the defensive line if both Jaye Howard and Mike DeVito leave the team in free agency.

However, it seems there's a decent chance that Rankins will not be available at the Chiefs 28th pick. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is one of the top beat writers in the country and he has an annual piece on the top draft prospects with input from scouts and coaches around the league. McGinn writes on the Packers so that's where the focus of his scouts piece is but Green Bay picks 27th, one spot ahead of the Chiefs.

McGinn lists Rankins under the "probably gone" section of his article. He says that he is undersized at 299 pounds but can play at 315-320 pounds. Rankins models his game after JJ Watt, Aaron Donald and Geno Atkins ... well, which defensive lineman doesn't do that? Pretty good group to model your game after. There's obviously a chance that he falls because at this point we have to realize that we don't know anything about this year's draft yet.

SB Nation tracked 30 different mock drafts recently and found that Rankins was the most popular pick. Check it out: