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Chiefs meet with QB Paxton Lynch, probably won't be able to draft him

The Kansas City Chiefs checked in on the background of QB Carson Wentz and now it's being reported by agent Leigh Steinberg that the Chiefs are one of the teams meeting with his client, QB Paxton Lynch, at the NFL Combine. Lynch will probably be drafted before the Chiefs 28th pick.

Lynch, who is one of the draft's top quarterbacks, does not come from a traditional QB school - Memphis. However, his stock has been rising as of late. He is listed at 6'7 and 245 pounds which along with his athleticism has some teams very interested. His draft profile highlights his size as a reason scouts should keep an eye on him.

Unlike other size/speed quarterbacks like Vince Young and Colin Kaepernick, Lynch prefers to extend passing plays with his feet rather than bolting from the pocket, but he is still likely to make plenty of plays with his feet over the long haul. Lynch shows the ability to read defenses and make smart decisions, but not yet at an NFL starting level. While he has the physical tools to start right away, a team who is willing to allow him to sit and study his craft for a year could reap maximum rewards in the future.

The only way I see the Chiefs drafting a quarterback would be one who has great upside but is willing to sit on the bench for a while. The Chiefs are committed to Alex Smith for at least a couple more years and perhaps beyond as quarterbacks seem to age well these days. The problem is that Lynch could be drafted fairly high - Mike Mayock lists him as his third best quarterback - and I'm not sure the Chiefs can use a high pick on a player that they're ideally not going to use for a while. The Chiefs could also believe that if he fell he would be too good of a value at No. 28 to pass up.

The Chiefs could also be meeting with one of the draft's top quarterbacks because they're going to see him at some point (like when they met with RGIII a few years back despite being nowhere near the position to draft him). That's not such a bad idea either.

It's Game Time.

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